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Gold Card Program

Increase your chances to win and become a Gold Card member today.


You can become a Gold Card Member by referring 3 active members; to do so, you must login to your profile using your username and password. Use the user menu on the right side of the screen, click on “Golden Club” and simply add the 3 reference numbers in the appropriate fields and press “submit”.Or, You can become a Gold Card Member by joining in a group of 5, combining friends or family; to do so, you must select “Group Payment” when paying for your official evaluation. Remember to report your payment, including all 5 Canada Green Card reference numbers in the reporting page.


Become a Gold Card Member today and increase your chances to be selected as one of our winners.



Gold Card members are privileged to exclusive draws.



The bonus draws are to be announced on the following occasions:


· 25 Winners for Christmas

· 50 Winners for New Years

· Special draw for each participating country on their National day

· Other surprise special draws





· Applicant must be a Green Card Member to participate

· Applicant must refer at least 3 other active members or under evaluation

· The referred applicant must put your reference number on their application


If you have already submitted your application please log into your profile to update your application to prepare yourself to win your Immigration free.


Apply Now!!


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